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Tween & Teen Girl Boredom Busters

Now that summer is fast approaching my mind turns to fun activities we can do to fight the boredom once the summer doldrums set in. I’m trying to avoid anything to do with slime and glitter, while trying to keep the attention span of my tween girls. 

I also like to add a bit of education in all of the activities we do, so you’ll notice a STEM theme running throughout most of these boredom busters.

Food Boredom Busters

DIY Pop Rocks

All of us remember this fun fizzy candy that made our mouth dance as a kid. Now you can make it at home. Score the awesome mom award!

Make Your Own Bubble Gum

My girls love bubble gum and we’re going to try and make our own bubble gum this summer! We’re also going to have a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble.

Edible Water & Juice Balloons

Molecular Gastronomy is all the range and finding this fun science experiment I can do in my kitchen will make me a science superhero! 

Sweet Treat: Macarons

We are slight obsessed with The Great British Baking Show at our house and love all the confections they make. We have a slight problem though: we can’t bake. This summer we are going to brave it and try making macarons.

Toy Boredom Busters

Homemade Bouncy Balls

This is a fun science experiment that will get the kids outside and running after their bouncy balls all afternoon.

Kinetic Sand

This one may sound a little kid-ish but trust me, your son or daughter will want to play with this all afternoon. My girls loved the texture and squishing it between their fingers. This also goes for homemade playdough! Watching this gloopy mess come together turn into something to play with is a whole lot of fun.

Craft Boredom Busters

Lace Bowl

The girls and I love going to Goodwill or and Arc store to find some treasures. I’ve seen these kids of doilies there for less than a dollar. To make them into bowls to hold their treasures is a great idea.

String Art

This fun and easy craft project lets you use a hammer, nails and pretty floss. Let your tween/teens creativity take hold and go wild with this fun craft.

Marble Clay Ring Dish

Now that my girls have their ears pierced and gravitating toward all things bright and shiny, they need a place to put everything. These easy to make clay dishes are the perfect craft.

Beauty Boredom Busters

Bath Bombs

We love taking baths and sometimes fight over who gets to go first. We also love all things pretty smelling and Lush. We love this store and now can make our own bath bombs without paying a high price.

Bath Salt

This is a fun gift for friends that leaves you smelling wonderful and your skin all tingly due to the peppermint essential oil.


Lip Balm

I can’t leave home without my lip balm and kind of freak out if I do. Instead of the girls rifling through my purse to get my lip balm, they can make their own.

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