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Washington DC Eats

I wanted to find a few places that would be fun to eat at during our time in DC. I combed through Pinterest, blogs and even asked my friends on Facebook. The following are some of the recommendations we were able to hit during our vacation.

Georgetown Cupcakes

I’m a cupcake fanatic and I love visiting cupcake stores all over the country. I heard this was the best one in DC so we visited Georgetown Cupcakes as we rolled into town. Two sisters started this brand and have become very successful through their DC Cupcakes show on TLC. 

All the cupcakes looked delicious but we settled on red velvet, vanilla and chocolate, milk chocolate birthday,  cookies and creme and dad chocolate. OMG! I had to resist eating all of them. 

Georgetown Cupcakes now has several locations throughout the United States. They are worth waiting in line for.

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Up on the Hill

On day 2 we geared up for an early and big day up on the Hill! We toured the White House, Library of Congress, Supreme Court and the Capitol building. 

Getting Tickets

We had to request tickets to tour the White House and Capitol Building through our congressional members. Do this at least three weeks in advance (ideally more like three months) It was an easy process but we had to keep our schedule flexible because we didn’t know exact days and times until a week before we left. 

You have several choices in what to tour through your congressional member. I chose the White House and Capitol Building, but you can also choose FBI building, Quantico, etc. If you have older children I highly suggest the later and wish I had done so for the girls.

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Washington DC Museums

American History Museum

We could only choose only one Smithsonian museum to tour during our museum day and we chose the National Museum of American History. Mom wanted the girls to see the Inauguration Gowns and First Lady china patterns.

I noticed that the dressed weren’t presented in chronological order and were mixed between older and modern styles. Each dress showed how tall and size of each first lady. 

Right across the hall of First Ladies I found Abraham Lincoln’s original top hat and it’s considered one of the Institution’s most treasured objects.


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