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Family Halloween Costumes


Yes, we are that crazy family who likes to dressing up for halloween in theme costumes! It all started when we were married and decided to try out some couples costumes and them morphed into family costumes when the girls were born. Our poor dog and cat even were game for a costume.

Each year in August/September we start thinking up funny ideas. We’d think about what had happened in our life that year or a funny show or movie we like. After narrowing down our ideas, I hit the internet and see if there are any pre-made options for costumes. I also look at Pinterest to see if there are any ideas that I can hand make. Several of our costumes we bought (Matrix, geeky prom, wizard of oz, star trek) but several of the costumes I made (50’s poodle skirts, star wars leia and han solo pants, avengers girl costumes) or we pulled from our closet (cheerleader, tacky tourist, farmer.)

Some ideas to brainstorm for costume ideas:

  • Favorite movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney movies)
  • Favorite tv show or cartoon
  • Favorite book (think Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, etc.)
  • Favorite sports team
  • A dream job (scientist, space person, etc.)
  • Favorite Decade (70’s, 80’s, 50’s, etc.)
Parent tip: If your kiddos are at the dress up stage and love playing pretend–go to the store the day after Halloween to score some awesome deals on costumes, wigs, accessories. I filled our dress-up bin one year for less than $100 and the girls still play with their younger cousins when they come over.