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Sticking around for StickerGiant

Spring break is here and I didn’t want my girls to laze around the house all week watching YouTube with knowledge leaking out of their ears, so I decided to inject some fun and learning into their week. I decided touring a sticker factory would fit the bill. We headed up to Longmont for the 45 minute tour of Sticker Giant’s factory. 

Sam from the marketing department was our tour guide and he was great! He took us over to the marketing department and showed us their podcast booth and how the marketing department generates leads for the company. They believe that their customers are the heroes of their stories. In fact, their motto is “Every Sticker Has A Story.”

We were able to follow the path of how a sticker is made. It’s first stop is a visit to the Art and Pre-press team to make sure that each sticker is properly formatted for printing and the right number of stickers are printed.

Once the sticker are ready to print they go on out to the HP Digital Presses where all of our printing happens. The big presses were so interesting to watch. Each one had a different job: one printed the stickers in a 4 color process,  two laser finishers to cut out the stickers and 1 finishing machine that uses flexible die sheets to cut the shapes.

In 2018, they printed 2,130 miles of sticker substrate, which is enough to stretch from here to August, ME. 

After seeing all the technology behind how they print stickers, the next stop is our Finishing Stations, where the stickers and labels are cut to custom shapes, and finished to be delivered to customers. Each child on the tour got a packet of stickers and the girls couldn’t wait to take a look at what they got. 

I could have spent all day just looking at all of the stickers that decorated the walls, desks and any flat surface of each department. This sticker wall runs the whole length of the production department. Each sticker was so unique! The girls liked the drummer bunny, the shark with machine guns and nerdy ninjas. You can tell that all of the employees love working there and take pride in their work. This tour was a blast and I highly recommend taking it if you have a free Friday afternoon!

Saul, the World's Largest Sticker Ball

Saul won the Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball in 2016. When he won the record, he weighed in at 231.6 pounds (now he’s added some more weight and is around 320 pounds as of January 2019.) 

Starting with a small batch of balled up stickers, Saul the sticker ball grew to record holding size in a matter of months. He is well traveled by going on weekend field trips and just got back from a multi-state trip to San Diego for the Social Media Marketing World 2019 Conference. Saul saw the World’s Largest Watermelon in Utah, the Vegas Sign in Las Vegas, Route 66 Sign in Barstow, California and the Pacific Ocean before the show.

Fun Facts:

  • In 2011 StickerGiant’s stickers traveled to space on the Internation Space Station
  • StickerGiant registered National Sticker Day in 2016 for January 13.
  • StickerGiant was a Jeopardy answer in 2011.
  • Saul was featured in the USA Today and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Take a visit to Longmont to tour StickerGiant and meet Saul yourself. Tours are on Fridays at 2p and are FREE. Reservations are required so visit their website today!

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