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Milkroll: Ice cream for the adventurous

Go visit them at 3500 E Colfax Ave Denver, Colorado. You won't regret it!

I truly think that ice cream should be its only category on the food pyramid. My father loved it and passed those genes down to me. We always joke that if we couldn’t find dad while we were traveling, we just had to find the nearest ice cream place and there he’d be with the largest cone, making friends with the locals. 

When I saw a friend post pictures of a fabulous new ice cream spot in Denver, I had to try it out! Luckily it’s down by the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science and a fun way to end a day of exploring. 

This Thai-inspired ice cream hit New York and LA in 2015 and landed in Denver in 2016 (why was I so late to this lip-smacking trend?!)


This East Colfax shop let’s you customize your treat any way you want. First you choose your base flavor (chocolate, vanilla, or matcha tea). The base is poured on to a sub-zero metal plate and is combined with your mix-in of choice. After being chopped, smashed and pushed around, it freezes into an ice cream like texture. It’s then scraped into ribbons (kind of like thick cigars) and put into a cup. Now comes the best part: the toppings.

MilkRoll offers several fun Asian inspired ingredients such as Pocky sticks, Koala’s cookies, mochi, Vietnamese coffee and pandan. My favorite is the roasted marshmallow for the s’mores cup and the girls favorite is the cotton candy for the unicorn cup. Finally, after the ice cream is dressed with toppings comes the drizzle of choice. Chocolate, strawberry, honey, condensed milk…mmmm good!

Watching the process of making my ice cream treat was just as fun as eating it! Depending on the line, it takes about 10 minutes from placing your order until you get your treat. We loved coming here so much we came two day in a row during spring break!

S(one)'More Please
Unicorn Magic

Milkroll doesn’t have a website but have an active facebook page with all the latest creations. Go visit them at 3500 E Colfax Ave Unit B, Denver, Colorado. You won’t regret it!

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