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I know this sounds cheesy…

After our tour of Haystack Mountain Cheese, we thought it fitting to add some more cheese calories into our diet by having lunch at Cheese Importers a few minutes away.

Cheese Importers is a Colorado family-owned business founded in 1976 by Lyman and Linda White. This European Marketplace features the largest walk-in refrigerated cheese and cured meat market in Colorado. They have an inventory of over 350 cheeses. They also have a charming French cafe, “Bistrot des Artistes” and is where we had lunch.

The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even have jazz nights. I wanted to order one of everything on their menu, but settled on ordering the Italian Panino–tallegio cheese, prosciutto, fig preserves and arugula pressed between slices of baguette. This sandwich is one of the best things I’ve had in a long time and I need to figure out how to make it at home. The girls and my mom had a meat and cheese charcuterie trays.

This marketplace located  on the northwest corner of 1st and Main St. in Longmont. The building was originally built in 1931 as the first power plant station to service city residents.

After lunch we had to explore this beautiful cafe and marketplace. Every room was a delight and I could have spent the whole day looking at all of the European housewares, linens, perfumes, soap, specialty oils, olives and chocolate. What I really wanted was their cheese department–come to mama!

Once I walked in, I thought I was in heaven! Cheese, glorious cheese! This mecca of cheese is organized by different types and feature both domestic and foreign varieties. The girls sampled everything available and kept adding chunks to my basket. It was super chilly in the fridge. The workers are smart and wear heavy jackets, a fleece lined hat and gloves. Note to self: remember for next time! We ended up getting a nice variety of gouda, cheddar, Haystack mountain cheese and even a chocolate cheese with walnuts. I couldn’t wait to get home and try out all of our choices. The girls also insisted on buying several bars of chocolate because they wanted to try the different percentages of cacao. They have been studying ancient civilizations and how chocolate was used as a currency.  

This 30 year old institution is a “must-see” for any foodie in your life! I encourage you to visit the Cheese Importers whenever you are in Longmont at 103 Main St. Longmont, CO. 80501.


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