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Having “The Talk” with your tween

“It” happens to the best of us! We are simply going along in life, trying to raise our kiddos to not beat the snot out of each other and out comes the question, “Mom, what does sex mean?” I was simply driving my 10 year-old girls home from school one glorious autumn day with the windows down when one of them brought up THE QUESTION. She also followed up that they were going to talk about it in health class at the end of the year. I paused to think about such a loaded question and finally responded with “Let me figure out the best way to talk about this subject and do some research and then we will talk.” Luckily my girls said sure and it bought me some time.

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Know Life In General

I’m at a crossroads…

Here I am at a crossroads again. It seems that every so often I have to reexamine my life and forge a new path to head down. Sometimes this path requires me to put on my high powered suit and meet with executives to putting on my big-girl panties and be mama bear for my daughters.

I’ve worked in the corporate world as a business consultant, then as a sales manager for my family business and now as a stay-at-home mom for the past four years. As I’ve gone through these changes I’ve noticed my circle of people has gotten smaller and smaller. I used to fly all over the United States consulting on different business projects to calling on hundreds of doctor’s offices, hospital employees and assisted living communities to now roaming around my house trying to fill my time.

Throughout all of my experiences I’ve been tasked with learning new skills that have led me to this point: blogging.

  • “Helen, you’re technical, why don’t you create a website for our company?”
  • “Helen, you’re young, can you figure out this thing called a tweet?”
  • “Helen, you’re creative, why don’t you create some marketing materials to give to our clients.”

So through the years, I’ve acquired website development, social media management and graphic design skills. I’ve also learned how to become a wife to an electrical engineer (no easy feat when you are a creative and he’s a logical,) a mother to two energetic twin daughters and a caregiver to parents that I love dearly.

I’ve been looking for a way to combine all of these skills together and now with time on my hands–I’m launching my new blog. Welcome my friends to Helen’s Hankerings! Each week I will bring you creative crafts and projects I’ve been working on, adventures I take with my family exploring Colorado and the world around us, and knowledge that I’ve accumulated reading, watching and learning. I can’t wait to share with you all that’s going on in my brain!

I’m so excited to develop new friendships with my readers! I want you to become my BFFs (as my tween daughter would say,) no, how about my HHFs (Helen’s Hankerings Friends.) Thank you for joining me on this journey! Let’s get this party started.