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Tween & Teen Girl Boredom Busters

Now that summer is fast approaching my mind turns to fun activities we can do to fight the boredom once the summer doldrums set in. I’m trying to avoid anything to do with slime and glitter, while trying to keep the attention span of my tween girls. 

I also like to add a bit of education in all of the activities we do, so you’ll notice a STEM theme running throughout most of these boredom busters.

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What makes a master?

I know we’re still getting to know each other HHF (Helen’s Hankering Friend) and today I’m going to reveal a big part of what made Helen, Helen. Way back in the 5th grade I had to choose an instrument to play in middle school. The week before I had to choose, a gentleman in my church played a cello solo and I knew right then and there that the cello was for me. My mom was worried that I was going to be playing such a big instrument and asked if the flute would be a better choice, but my mind was made up. Over 30 years later, Charlie and I are still making music and I love sitting down and hearing his beautiful low majestic notes. Yes, my cello is named Charlie. I figured if Yo-Yo Ma named his $2.5 million Montagnana cello Petunia, I could name mine too.

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