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Mount Vernon & Williamsburg

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Mansion

On our way down to Williamsburg, we stopped off at Mount Vernon to see where George Washington lived. Before you go, know that you have to buy timed tickets in order to get in.

We spent a beautiful afternoon exploring the grounds of this historical house. There are more than a dozen out buildings, as well as, the mansion to explore. We were fortunate enough to see several period actors giving historical talks while walking around the property.

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Washington DC Eats

I wanted to find a few places that would be fun to eat at during our time in DC. I combed through Pinterest, blogs and even asked my friends on Facebook. The following are some of the recommendations we were able to hit during our vacation.

Georgetown Cupcakes

I’m a cupcake fanatic and I love visiting cupcake stores all over the country. I heard this was the best one in DC so we visited Georgetown Cupcakes as we rolled into town. Two sisters started this brand and have become very successful through their DC Cupcakes show on TLC. 

All the cupcakes looked delicious but we settled on red velvet, vanilla and chocolate, milk chocolate birthday,  cookies and creme and dad chocolate. OMG! I had to resist eating all of them. 

Georgetown Cupcakes now has several locations throughout the United States. They are worth waiting in line for.

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Book Review Know

Book Review: We were the lucky ones

How would you feel if you found out your American grandfather, who spoke perfect English, had a successful business and lived in a modern house, was born in Poland and lived for a decade not knowing if his family had survived the holocaust?

Georgia Hunter was shocked to find that her whole Polish family (grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins) had survived the holocaust when 90% of Polish Jews were killed in the war. 

My mother picked up this book in an airport and told me to read it once she was finished. I devoured this book! It took me about half way through to realize that this was a true story. I stayed up late trying to finish the book and see if this family survived.

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